Irina Kolesnikova is a muse for the famous French fashion designer Jean Doucet.

The story began when Jean Doucet, the famous French fashion designer, went to see Swan Lake starring Irina Kolesnikova. He was so impressed by her artistry, charisma and beauty that he designed a collection devoted to the history of classical Russian ballet featuring the glories of yesteryear and current successes.
Who better to embody this collection than Irina Kolesnikova?
“Irina Kolesnikova and les Ballets Russes”, the new collection by Jean Doucet, will be presented on 24 January 2013 at the Théâtre du Châtelet during Paris Haute Couture Week. The choice of venue is no coincidence as this is where Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballet russes seasons took place a century ago.

« The second decade of the Saint Petersburg ballet’s existence will soon be upon us. The theatre and the brilliant Irina Kolesnikova have left a considerable mark in the history book of world ballet, a mark which has turned into one of its most glorious and unforgettable pages. »

Margarita Medina – Danse Magazine №269 – January 2012 – Paris, France

« With no sponsors or marketing, this private company with its symphony orchestra attracts audiences by word of mouth. It is testament to the unprecedented popularity of dance today. »

Nicole Duault – JDD – 16th Feb 2011 – Paris, France

As the film Black Swan makes its triumphant procession of cinemas, a new swan is getting full houses at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris. This swan’s name – Irina Kolesnikova.
this is what makes the 30 year old Irina Kolesnikova, the diva of dance with whom few ballet stars can compare.

Nicole Duault – JDD – 16th Feb 2011 – Paris, France

« Russian ballerina, Irina Kolesnikova, lights up a ballet and enraptures the audience at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées. »
« However, the pearl of the performance is of course Irina Kolesnikova who captivates everyone’s hearts. The Prima Ballerina elevates the ballet with her superb technique. The elegance of her movements, the perfection of the wave-like shapes she creates, the splits she makes in her jumps and her divine lightness excited awe in the auditorium. »

Marie Torres – Musique Classique – Opera – 17 February 2011 – Paris

« Irina Kolesnikova is a unique Russian dancer who exists in a different world to the colossuses of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres. It can be said that she represents Russian ballet in many countries on her own. On her own and admirably. »

Nina Alovert – Journal “Ballet” May – June № 3, 2011 – Moscow, Russia

« « Bravo! Bravo! » – Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s Prima Ballerina Irina Kolesnikova conquered the audience with her lovely renditions of the Black and White Swans. The sorrowful grace and soft tenderness of the White Swan and the cruel indomitability and vital suppleness of the Black Swan touched the hearts of the audience. Many stood to applaud at the end of the performance; the mood in the auditorium is well expressed by the following words: “Just like the Queen of the swans it is as if we have been resurrected from death unto life”. »
“the beauty of her dancing has reached such a level as to take the audience’s breath away!”

Hi Ding Hau – United Daily News – 22 April 2011 – Taipei, Taiwan

« Irina Kolesnikova’s performance is splendid. It is as if the star of the company is surrounded by an aura; she is permeated with technical excellence and stage presence. Rapt attention is focussed upon her from the stalls, even the boldest of her steps do not in the slightest detract from the movement of her hand or her head because each one of her gestures is captivating in its clear simplicity and elegance. »

Elena Cacciatori – La Cronaca di Cremona – 24th May 2010 – Cremona, Italy